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Fees and Visits

About appointments:

  • Appointments are available in Lewes, Polegate and Eastbourne (East Sussex), and East Grinstead (West Sussex).

  • Most people only need to see me once. The consultation comprises thorough case taking, allergy and intolerance testing, in-depth discussion, and a personalised management and treatment plan for you to put into effect. The fee also includes follow-up email and phone support as required.

  • I see all age groups. The consultation is 90 mins long for adults and young people, and up to 90 mins for children. Follow-up appointments are only occasionally needed, and are shorter.

  • Case details are confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your permission.

About testing:

  • I use testing methods which reveal both 'classic allergies' AND 'intolerances', unlike conventional skin prick tests which reveal classic allergies ONLY. Please see the Allergy Testing page for more detailed information on the testing methods I use, and why. Used individually or together, these tests will provide an accurate picture of your allergy status.

  • Parents please note that the kinesiology testing method I use is painless and safe and effective for children of all ages, including babies.

  • If you suspect specific environmental triggers at home or at work, e.g. your pet's hair, a new carpet, a particular perfume and so on, it can be helpful to bring small samples to your consultation. Likewise, unusual or exotic foods and drinks in your diet that you feel may disagree with you.

What you can expect during your consultation:

  • A truly holistic and in-depth approach to allergy and toxicity issues

  • Effective testing and treatment solutions

  • Clear and helpful explanations and advice - a way forwards

  • Initially we will discuss your health and wellbeing in some depth. Many people with allergies have underlying issues which predispose them to react to things in an allergic way. We will consider your diet and eating habits, home and work environments, lifestyle and stress factors, and so on. The 'big picture' for you will provide the context for evaluating the results of your allergy test, and for the treatment and advice you'll receive.

  • During testing we will identify and prioritise potential allergens and any underlying functional issues as we go along.

  • We will then discuss the test results and the way forwards for you in the context of your situation. You will receive clear guidance on what to do next in the form of an easy-to-understand and easy-to-action management and treatment plan.




(21 and over)

Young People
(14 to 20)

(13 and under)

East Grinstead, Lewes, Polegate or Eastbourne





  • The consultation fee includes allergy and intolerance testing, as well as thorough case taking, in-depth discussion, and a personalised management and treatment plan for you to put into effect. The fee also includes follow-up email and phone support as required.

  • Most people only need to see me once. However, if a follow-up appointment is necessary, the fee is £60 for Adults, £50 for Young People and £40 for Children.

  • I offer a 10% Family and Friends Fee Reduction for each additional member of your family, or friend, who comes to see me.

  • Concessions are available by negotiation for individuals/families on a low income (usually in receipt of benefits or tax credits).

Payment terms:

  • We accept cards, cheques or cash. The fee is payable at the end of your consultation.

  • Cancellations: Please note we require at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel or postpone your appointment, otherwise we charge half the fee.

  • For advice or to make an appointment go to the Contact Us page.

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