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Treatment Solutions

The aim of testing and treatment is twofold:

  • to reduce the 'toxic load' in your body

  • and to strengthen your immune response to the allergens or pathogens causing problems

Health is restored (as required) by means of detoxification, attention to diet and to gut health, homeopathic allergy desensitisation, and nutritional medicines.

Reducing the toxic load:

A high toxic load (or 'body burden') puts a significant stress on the immune system, as well as other systems in the body, and can also affect our mental and emotional health.

The importance of reducing the toxic load to improve immune response is illustrated in the following true story: A London lawyer suffered miserably from hay fever every summer, to the extent that it undermined his performance in court. An allergy test revealed sensitivities to several foods including chicken, salmon, and sesame seeds which he ate almost daily. He eliminated these foods altogether, and within a few days his hay fever cleared up completely. Now these foods were not directly causing his hay fever, but they were weakening his immune system. Eliminating them from his diet reduced the toxic load in his body and improved his immune response to the grasses and pollens directly causing his hay fever. (Please see the Hay Fever page if you are a sufferer).

Treatments to improve gut function and digestion:

Although avoiding problem foods (while maintaining a balanced diet) can make a big difference to how we feel, I always look for underlying gut health issues and toxic states which predispose to allergy and intolerance. These are more common than you might think, and include fungal overgrowth in the intestines (often candida albicans), parasite infestation (worms), bacterial or viral infection, and toxic chemical and metal poisoning. Sensitivities often clear up once these conditions have been treated.

To resolve gut issues I may prescribe anti-parasitics or anti-fungals. Also probiotics to restore balance to the gut flora. I may also recommend specific nutritional supplements to remedy nutritional deficiency in people with poor diets while they take the necessary steps to get themselves on track. All of these have a high rate of success, and are safe and non-toxic.

Treatments to strengthen immune response:

I may recommend homeopathic desensitisation, and sometimes constitutional or symptom-specific homeopathy. Desensitisation is usually very effective, and is simply and safely done with remedies made from the substances you are allergic to (e.g. wheat, cow's milk, pollens, etc). Desensitising remedies restore tolerance to foods, and to external allergens which cannot be eliminated from our environments, such as house dust mite, pet hair, moulds, etc. The success rate is high, and there are no toxic side-effects whatsoever. They are also very cost-effective.

The Testimonials page will give you an idea of the treatment benefits which are possible.

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